DSR offers businesses a chance to save money on energy bills

Businesses could make money from signing up to the demand side response (DSR) scheme yet 75% haven’t enrolled as they don’t know enough about it. DSR is a scheme that contacts businesses at times of high energy demand, asking them to lower or stop using their electricity at peak times to take the pressure off […]

Demand Side Response (DSR) service for businesses from Smartest Energy

Smartest Energy is preparing to offer a Demand Side Response (DSR) service to businesses in the new year. Businesses will receive payments for reducing consumption in periods of high demand through the Capacity Market auction. They may even receive money just for taking part even if they are not called upon to cut their usage. […]

Big Six have been overcharging for years say CMA

The Big Six are in the firing line today as the Competition and Markets Authority released their initial results of a year-long examination of the UK energy market. It transpires that UK households have collectively overpaid by £1.2bn a year for their energy due to average domestic prices being offered by the ‘big six’ energy […]