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DSR offers businesses a chance to save money on energy bills

make moneyBusinesses could make money from signing up to the demand side response (DSR) scheme yet 75% haven’t enrolled as they don’t know enough about it.

DSR is a scheme that contacts businesses at times of high energy demand, asking them to lower or stop using their electricity at peak times to take the pressure off the network. Businesses are then financially rewarded for taking part helping them to offset their energy costs.

Npower Business Solutions’ director of markets and innovation Wayne Mitchell, explained:

“By taking part in DSR, firms can potentially reduce their energy costs and receive payments for any excess energy exported back into the Grid. They can also benefit from the flexibility of supply around costly periods such as winter triads. However, given this strong opportunity it is very disappointing that there appears to be a lack of knowledge about the capacity auction and DSR more generally.”

It has been estimated that if just 5% of peak demand were met by DSR solutions, National Grid would save £790 million. Surely it’s a no-brainer?

We’d single-handedly help National Grid to manage load and voltage profiles on the electricity network, give businesses a helping hand with their overheads and impact their bottom line.

Looks like the government should be focussing on driving campaigns to push the potential benefits to businesses. The introduction of smart meters should certainly help so maybe it needs to be an integrated campaign.

National Grid have already had to lean on the DSR scheme this year to ensure the lights are kept on so we’re hopeful the scheme will get more backing and raise it’s profile.

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