Government to reform business energy efficiency taxes

The government has set out new business energy efficiency policy proposals to simplify and improve corporate carbon taxation schemes with a view to decarbonising the economy and ensuring secure energy supplies. These changes have been brought about as the government has ruled that there is a significant amount of cost-effective energy and carbon saving potential […]

Climate change doesn’t have to cost the earth

Economic growth no longer has to have a detrimental effect on global warming a new report shows. With renewable energy costs coming down, countries should be better placed to cut greenhouse gas emissions without denting economic growth. Up to 96% of the emissions cuts needed to prevent risky global warming could be achieved by 2030 […]

Renewables no longer exempt from CCL announces Osborne

The summer budget has been released and while many businesses will be rejoicing at lower corporation taxes and a fuel duty price freeze, they won’t be as happy to see that renewable energy is no longer exempt from Climate Change Levies (CCL). Check out the official government document here. Suppliers will now have to pay […]