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Climate change doesn’t have to cost the earth

climate changeEconomic growth no longer has to have a detrimental effect on global warming a new report shows. With renewable energy costs coming down, countries should be better placed to cut greenhouse gas emissions without denting economic growth.

Up to 96% of the emissions cuts needed to prevent risky global warming could be achieved by 2030 if all governments collaborate globally.

“Today’s report shows us that a goal we once thought of as distant is within our reach,” said Felipe Calderón, the Chairman of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. “We can achieve global prosperity and secure a safe climate.”

This may come as a surprise to many who believe that it is too expensive for many developed countries — let alone developing nations — to tackle climate change.

The report overturns these objections showing the globally drop in renewable energy prices. The cost of solar power systems has fallen by 75% since 2000, while energy storage costs have dropped by 60% in the past decade. Even wind power is becoming more and more affordable.

With clean energy prices becoming more competitive compared to fossil fuels and more and more renewable energy being produced, economies are expect to turn their backs on oil and its volatile market.

Proof that it was possible to have economy growth without increasing carbon dioxide emissions came in 2014, when emissions remained level as the world economy grew.

This is behaviour that we can maintain hopefully. With the Paris agreement in full flow, participating countries pledge to reduce climate change but one of the report’s authors, Michael Jacobs, said they could do better.

“Our numbers show there is more potential out there,” he explained.

To achieve such gains, the report urges cities and countries to work more collaboratively on measures such as raising energy efficiency standards, cutting aircraft and shipping pollution and boosting investment in clean energy.

We’d better keep schtum about the UK government putting a stop to wind farm subsidies and renewables CCL exemption then…