New shadow head of energy policy appointed

Shadow energy secretary Lisa Nandy, has cemented her reputation as a campaigner for green energy with the appointment of an ex-Greenpeace director as her new head of energy. Joss Garman, former deputy political director for Greenpeace, will leave his current role at IPPR as associate director for energy, transport and climate change. The Labour party […]

Climate change education required to stop global warming

Energy secretary Amber Rudd has called for a new approach to tackling global warming after she stated that the climate change debate was ‘dictated by left-wing anti-capitalists.’ Rudd says she can understand why people see tackling global warming as “cover for anti-growth, anti-capitalist, proto-socialism.” “It cannot be left to one part of the political spectrum […]

Climate change doesn’t have to cost the earth

Economic growth no longer has to have a detrimental effect on global warming a new report shows. With renewable energy costs coming down, countries should be better placed to cut greenhouse gas emissions without denting economic growth. Up to 96% of the emissions cuts needed to prevent risky global warming could be achieved by 2030 […]

UKIP Play it Coal – Backing Power Stations

UKIP have announced their plans to back coal fired power stations and seek private funding to develop “new, efficient plants”. They’ve pledged to remove all government subsidies for wind and solar power and scrap the carbon tax. So it’s no carbs for Farage. Not good news for the Green party who are pledging to increase […]