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UKIP Play it Coal – Backing Power Stations

coal stationsUKIP have announced their plans to back coal fired power stations and seek private funding to develop “new, efficient plants”.

They’ve pledged to remove all government subsidies for wind and solar power and scrap the carbon tax. So it’s no carbs for Farage.

Not good news for the Green party who are pledging to increase carbon taxes to help promote carbon reduction to avoid climate change.

In their general election manifesto launched on Wednesday, UKIP motormouth, Nigel Farage stated he would scrap compliance with the EU’s large combustion plant directive, claiming these

“attempt to close down secure, reliable and economic electricity generation and replace it with expensive, intermittent, unreliable renewables”.

The manifesto stated the party would encourage fracking, as well as writing off onshore wind energy, which was described as “hopelessly inefficient”, a “blight on the landscape” and the cause of increasing energy bills.

Good to see that our UKIP prodigy is invested in environmental policies. The Green party hit back with a comment from the boss of fracking company Cuadrilla, Lord Browne, who has said, that “fracking would not reduce British prices.”

But that hasn’t stopped fiery Farage. He continued by outlining plans to scrap the Climate Change Act, withdraw from the EU emission trading scheme, and prevent energy suppliers charging extra for customers using pre-payment meters as ways of cutting energy bills.

The party added that it could make “considerable savings” to government expenditure by abolishing a number of government departments, including the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and transferring their “essential powers” into other departments.

Super news Nigel. After homosexuality was blamed by UKIP’s party members for the recent floods, perhaps it’s to Nigel we need to thank for our lovely April heatwave – perhaps in UKIP land, global warming does have some benefits.