Small energy suppliers gain more complaints

Small energy suppliers have fallen victim to a growing number of customer complaints according to Citizens Advice. It seems the businesses have grown so quickly that they are unable to service their customers properly. The quarterly complaints league has for the first time included the top 18 biggest energy firms rather than just the big […]

SSE promise to fix complaints in half the time

SSE has stepped up to mark with regard to customer complaints as they vow to resolve customer complaints in just four weeks – half the time allowed legally. If complaints haven’t been solved in four weeks, SSE has pledged to inform customers of their right to seek an independent review through the ombudsman. SSE had […]

Huge increase in Big Six customer complaints

Nearly all of the big six energy companies have suffered from a 50% rise in complaints this year. With the exception of EDF who managed to lower their number of complaints, the rest of the big suppliers received average complaints of 271.3 per 100,000 customers between January and March this year. Citizens Advice’s chief executive […]

Complaints about energy suppliers rocket

Energy complaints to the Ombudsman Services have more than doubled since last year. It said the rise in complaints “follows a turbulent year for the energy industry, with mounting consumer dissatisfaction, market investigations and Ofgem imposed sanctions.” Not good news for the supplier’s reputations but worse still, it’s hitting their pockets with average compensation sitting […]

Complaints over Scottish Power billing system

Scottish Power is in the firing line after a record number of complaints for an energy company in the last quarter of 2014. A new billing system has been blamed after some customers weren’t receiving bills while others issues weren’t being rectified. Complaints rose by a monumental 488% throughout the year. Scottish Power has stepped […]