Lock in early to save on new half-hourly energy charges

Businesses are changing to half hourly meters under new legislation due to be enforced in the next couple of years and can expect to be charged for their contracts. While the implementation date for half-hourly charging under P272 has been delayed by a year until April 2017, businesses will start to be transferred from November […]

Tories debate over renewables and energy policies

After public concern after cuts to renewable energy subsidies, the Tories gathered to discuss energy policies at a conference fringe meeting. Conservative MP for the Wells constituency and member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, James Heappey cautioned: “Certainly we should not be making an enemy of the renewables sector.” He was responding to […]

Suppliers to face old meter disposal issues on smart rollout

While the smart meter rollout is just getting underway, suppliers face mountains of old meters being returned for disposal. Old, replaced meters need to go back to their owner, or the owner needs to be notified that the meter is available for collection says metering logistics company Meter Provida. Meter Provida’s business development manager Tom […]

Energy efficiency: Apathy or lack of understanding?

Latest results from the Energy Savings Trust (EST) reveal that consumers are unwilling to switch or save on energy because they can’t understand their energy bills. Surprisingly under 35s are the least au fait with energy terminology and pricing as 60% admit they didn’t know that energy was measured in Kilowatt hours. Over 55s pip […]

Half hourly meters create energy efficiency awareness

We’ve seen the gradual introduction of half hourly meters giving customers the opportunity to be charged in the most accurate way according to their usage. Half hourly meter readings will now become mandatory for mid-sized non-domestic customers by April 2016. Ofgem legislation requires all maximum demand meters within profile class 5-8 which have an automatic […]