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Suppliers to face old meter disposal issues on smart rollout

ElectricityMeterWhile the smart meter rollout is just getting underway, suppliers face mountains of old meters being returned for disposal.

Old, replaced meters need to go back to their owner, or the owner needs to be notified that the meter is available for collection says metering logistics company Meter Provida.

Meter Provida’s business development manager Tom Woolley said that although the mass rollout has yet to get underway there are already mounds of old meters building up.

Woolley said: “If we ignore this we will have meter-mountains around the UK, there are already warehouses dotted around the UK full of old meters. If we go to some of our third party installers we will see meters stacked up where they’ve got nowhere to put them.

If we keep ignoring that problem if we don’t address it right now as part of the planning stage, it will just get completely out of hand.”

Suppliers are expected to install 900,000 meters a month during the mass rollout, due to start next year. They seem to have forgotten however that 900,000 meters installed means 900,000 old meters to process, enough to fill 20 warehouses.

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