EON pay for missing advanced meter deadline

Bad news for E.ON as they have had to fork out £7 million to the Carbon Trust after they were investigated by Ofgem for failing to meet their advanced metering rollout obligations. All suppliers were advised by the government in 2009, that they must rollout advanced gas and electricity meters to large non-domestic customers by […]

Rudd supports smart meter rollout

Energy secretary Amber Rudd has high hopes for the smart meter rollout due next year saying it will be a “great opportunity” to promote energy efficiency. While the new smart meters will provide consumers with accurate readings, it is also hoped that it will help to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption. This should be […]

Suppliers to face old meter disposal issues on smart rollout

While the smart meter rollout is just getting underway, suppliers face mountains of old meters being returned for disposal. Old, replaced meters need to go back to their owner, or the owner needs to be notified that the meter is available for collection says metering logistics company Meter Provida. Meter Provida’s business development manager Tom […]