Corbyn’s Labour leadership win = energy renationalisation?

Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour party leader has breathed new life into the debate over renationalisation of the energy industry. While Corbyn’s energy policies have never overtly mentioned plans for renationalisation, he has made it clear that it is his “personal wish”. He stated: “I would want the public ownership of the gas and the […]

Public ownership for the Big Six and National Grid says Corbyn

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has announced he wants to renationalise the big six energy companies and National Grid if he were leading a Labour government. He said: “I would want the public ownership of the gas and the National Grid. I would personally wish that the big six were under public control, or public […]

SNP join Miliband’s madness

It’s spreading! Whether it’s a disease of economics-itis (the fear of and base mis-understanding of simple economic principles), or political opportunism, or simply the curse of the career politician, the SNP have joined the energy policy madness. The Scottish National Party have given support to Labour’ continued commitment to forcing energy companies to freeze energy […]