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SNP join Miliband’s madness

general election energyIt’s spreading!

Whether it’s a disease of economics-itis (the fear of and base mis-understanding of simple economic principles), or political opportunism, or simply the curse of the career politician, the SNP have joined the energy policy madness.

The Scottish National Party have given support to Labour’ continued commitment to forcing energy companies to freeze energy prices post a successful election bid.

Putting aside for a moment the annoying realities of markets, prices and globalisation, not to mention the understandable commercial interest of major organisations and their shareholders and the risk placed on tens of thousands of jobs around the UK, Labour’s ‘policy’ is still a key plank in their manifesto.

Indeed the freeze that in 2013 was promised, then dropped, then repackaged as a ‘cap’, then re-repackaged back as a freeze is still doing the rounds.

Putting aside the question of whether anyone has been good enough to tell Red Ed that the wholesale markets have been falling in 2015. (Good luck selling artificially high prices to the electorate when you fix at the wrong time, Ed.)

Indeed putting aside all sense, objectivity and experience – which clearly the policy wonks who came up with this barmy promise did – the sheer folly of it can only be matched by the flip flopping of the political classes in their surge for populism.

And so the SNP jump in bed with Labour, again, but what a turnaround, considering that Labour’s plans to introduce the energy price freeze were vetoed by the SNP in April last year. Now that’s principle.

But it’s not the first time we’ve seen a smaller party compromising on their values to get in with Labour, with the Green Party earlier this month backing Labour publicly, whilst attacking their energy price freeze behind closed doors.

The SNP’s Energy Spokesperson Mike Weir stated:

“It’s time that Westminster put consumers first and not the energy companies. The SNP will campaign for the energy regulator to have the power to control retail prices and force energy companies to pass on cuts to consumers.”

As ever though the SNP have an ulterior motive in this potential coalition, aiming for the power to implement a transmission charging regime, which supports Scotland’s energy industry “rather than undermining it as the current regime does.”

As SNP MSP John Swinney explained:

“Our proposed changes to Westminster’s failed transmission charging regime will provide much needed support for our energy industry at all levels.”

Indeed the SNP claims that the current transmission charging regime penalises the energy industry in Scotland, with generators in the north of the country paying five times more than those in Cornwall.

Tread carefully Ed. This probably won’t end well – for you, for consumers, for businesses and least of all the union.

Politics based on regional prejudice and favouritism is a sure fire way to destroy the union, (Barnett formula anyone?) just as the energy market, and any hope of competition driving prices lower will be decimated by Miliband’s folly.

And people say all politicians are the same. Then again they say the same about energy suppliers. And we know the truth on that one.