Independent energy suppliers overtake Big Six

The number of customer service complaints have rocketed for the larger suppliers who seem to have become complacent in their old age. The Big Six are already in the firing line again over high energy prices and it seems the general public are jumping ship to smaller suppliers. The independents have seized the window of opportunity, […]

Centrica argue against CMA energy market proposals

Energy giant and owner of British Gas, Centrica have blasted the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for its recommendations towards the energy market. Centrica claim the proposals are based on “unsound” analysis. Centrica claimed that the proposed safeguard regulated tariff for sticky customers is “disproportionate” to the actual level of disengagement and questions the pool […]

Corbyn’s Labour leadership win = energy renationalisation?

Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour party leader has breathed new life into the debate over renationalisation of the energy industry. While Corbyn’s energy policies have never overtly mentioned plans for renationalisation, he has made it clear that it is his “personal wish”. He stated: “I would want the public ownership of the gas and the […]

Independent energy suppliers becoming more popular with households

It seems the bad press over the Big Six and their overpriced energy has had an effect on domestic customers. Independent energy suppliers now hold 10% of the market share as households start jumping ship. Independents collectively hold a share of more than 10% in nine of the 14 regions, and record the third highest […]

Iranian oil soon to be back on the market

It looks like Iranian oil will soon be back on the market. The EU banned the import, purchase and transport of Iranian crude oil and natural gas as well as stopping European companies from insuring Iranian oil shipments in 2012. This embargo was a bid to stop Iran’s nuclear programme. But fresh from a long […]

Big Six have been overcharging for years say CMA

The Big Six are in the firing line today as the Competition and Markets Authority released their initial results of a year-long examination of the UK energy market. It transpires that UK households have collectively overpaid by £1.2bn a year for their energy due to average domestic prices being offered by the ‘big six’ energy […]

CMA to deliver verdict on energy market investigation

The Competition and Markets Authority will announce the provisional findings of its energy market investigation today. The full and final report however is not expected until the end of the year. Initial findings show that despite popular opinion, the big 6 will not be dismantled. It was claimed that the larger firms were in collusion to […]

New businesses to test the market with pop-up shops

With the UK economy finally picking up speed again, entrepreneurs are beginning to surface with a host of business ideas up their sleeves. But rather than dive straight in, a third of new start-ups are testing their products on the market with ‘pop-up’ shops. A pop-up shop being any retail outlet that is temporary, from […]

National Grid advises UK to get into European energy market

Steve Holliday, the chief exec of National Grid has called for the UK to get involved in a Europe-wide energy market in spite of promised 2017 referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU. Holliday said British consumers could benefit from cheaper electricity over the next ten years if new deals to create subsea power […]