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National Grid advises UK to get into European energy market

national gridSteve Holliday, the chief exec of National Grid has called for the UK to get involved in a Europe-wide energy market in spite of promised 2017 referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU.

Holliday said British consumers could benefit from cheaper electricity over the next ten years if new deals to create subsea power lines to Belgium and Norway are agreed.

The new power links, partially funded by National Grid, are just the beginning with plans to create further links with Denmark and France.

It seems National Grid are panicking a little at the threat of a diminishing UK electricity supply and potential blackouts.

Holliday stated that, “Being part of the European energy market is unquestionably essential for the UK,” adding that these links could “lead to lower wholesale prices and it’s a good investment for us.”

National Grid is compiling a report to be submitted to the new government to show the benefits of remaining an EU member with fears rising on the impact that exiting from the EU may have on the UK power market.

Don’t worry Steve, you’ve got 2 years to get a really good argument made up before the public make their choice on EU membership. Take a holiday, Holliday!