New shadow head of energy policy appointed

Shadow energy secretary Lisa Nandy, has cemented her reputation as a campaigner for green energy with the appointment of an ex-Greenpeace director as her new head of energy. Joss Garman, former deputy political director for Greenpeace, will leave his current role at IPPR as associate director for energy, transport and climate change. The Labour party […]

DECC to shut down coal plants by 2023

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will vow to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2023. The UK still has 10 remaining coal-fired power stations and these will either be closed or converted to alternative fuels. This came about after the EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) ordered plants to reduce the amount of […]

Nandy says no to nationalisation of energy industry

Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s previous controversial ‘personal wish’ to nationalise the energy industry, Lisa Nandy, the new shadow energy secretary has stated they will not be pursuing this. “Jeremy and I don’t want to nationalise energy. We want to do something much more radical. We want to democratise it,” Nandy announced. She instead plans to focus […]

New Hinkley Nuclear Plant will get the go ahead

The hugely debated Hinkley Point C new nuclear plant looks set to get the green light as the UK government have allegedly agreed a deal with EDF. It’s expected an announcement will be put out after parliament has returned from its summer recess. It’s rumoured that the deal is agreed and will be signed within […]

Energy secretary backs nuclear for the short term

Energy secretary Amber Rudd announced support for nuclear power in order to back up unreliable renewable sources and provide the UK with a steady supply of electricity. She stated: “The requirement for nuclear is absolute if we want to have renewables as part of the mix because, until we get storage right, renewables are unreliable. […]

Iranian oil soon to be back on the market

It looks like Iranian oil will soon be back on the market. The EU banned the import, purchase and transport of Iranian crude oil and natural gas as well as stopping European companies from insuring Iranian oil shipments in 2012. This embargo was a bid to stop Iran’s nuclear programme. But fresh from a long […]

UK Energy’s Future: Fracking, Wind or Nuclear?

With growing concerns over ‘energy security’ amidst the imminent closures of coal-fired power stations, the effective moratorium on nuclear and the cynical view of renewables, fracking, in itself hugely controversial, has come to the forefront of public discussion with strong arguments on both sides of the debate. Yorkshire has been at the centre of discussion […]