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Nandy says no to nationalisation of energy industry

Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s previous controversial ‘personal wish’ to nationalise the energy industry, Lisa Nandy, the new shadow energy secretary has stated they will not be pursuing this.

“Jeremy and I don’t want to nationalise energy. We want to do something much more radical. We want to democratise it,” Nandy announced.

She instead plans to focus on clean energy development here in the UK. The intention is to ensure a sustainable energy source that will not negatively impact the environment or the consumer’s pockets.

Nandy continued: “We want secure, affordable, energy, designed, built and owned by the people of our country, drawing on inspiration from around the world. Conference, at this historic moment, let’s change the story the Tories are writing.”

That’s fighting talk! It’s clear the Labour party will be going head-to-head with the Tories in the energy battle. While the Conservatives lose favour by ending renewables subsidies prematurely, the Labour party are pushing for more clean energy development.

It seems they are hoping to divide the public and bring voters on board. The Tories aren’t helping themselves by further agitating the public with a push for nuclear and fracking which Nandy was quick to jump on.

“The Conservatives are risking the UK’s economic security and the security of household budgets by pulling the rug out from domestic developers of renewable power and paying over the odds for the Hinkley nuclear power project.”

She was backed up by junior shadow energy minister Alan Whitehead, who drew attention to a worrying low in investor confidence, with regard to renewables after the government cut a series of subsidies.

He promised that the shadow energy team would “scrutinise, analyse and make sure that policy is going in the right direction and, at the same time, develop our distinctive position on energy policy”.

Better watch your back Rudd. The Labour party are fighting back with renewed energy.

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