£45 million failure for Ofgem energy rules

Another failure for Ofgem as their electricity market reforms fell flat costing energy companies around £45 million. Ofgem implemented new rules to ensure that the largest energy companies are only allowed to trade at pre-determined times during the day. The idea was that it would increase trading and competition allowing smaller players to flourish yet […]

Collective energy switch tariffs must be included say Ofgem

Energy suppliers must publicise collective switch tariffs from now on in the Cheapest Tariff Message (CTM), thanks to new Ofgem rulings. The CTM is already an existing requirement that bills and annual statements should include information about the cheapest tariffs available and how much customers could save by switching to them. Collective switches are generally […]

Nolan backs new Ofgem comparison site rules

Dermot Nolan, CEO of Ofgem has backed up the new rules set out earlier this year with regard to price comparison websites (PCWs). Ofgem amended its Confidence Code, ensuring that all PCWs now provide a “whole of market view” of tariffs, rather than hiding some suppliers or deals with the view to restoring customer confidence. […]

Ofgem-run energy price comparison service?

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the preliminary findings in their report in July, with regard to the energy market and its issues. Along with a proposal to set up a Safeguard Regulated Tariff which would protect all ‘disengaged’ customers from high standard variable tariffs, the CMA also suggested an Ofgem managed comparison service which […]

Ofgem energy investigation over British Gas

Ofgem are investigating whether British Gas has complied with the requirements of conditions 7A, 14, 14A and 21B of its gas and electricity supply licences, which contain safeguards relating to supply to micro business consumers. There have been concerns over wrongful blocking of business customer transfers and billing issues after British Gas experienced a host […]

Npower gives free energy to complaining customers

Ofgem have implemented new rulings stating that any Ombudsman complaints regarding Npower that have not been responded to for over 28 days will receive free energy. Npower customers left with outstanding Ombudsman decisions after 28 days will receive free energy until a resolution is made. Those affected by this up to 21st July will also […]

Blackout Warnings from Ofgem

With power plants being shut down left, right and centre, fears over potential blackouts increase. As the government focus on hitting new carbon targets and new environmental legislation, coal, nuclear and gas plants are being closed and dismantled with devastating effects on the UK power supply. Even with an increased push for demand-side response and […]

New energy contract rules for microbusinesses

Good news from Ofgem as they’ve released new rulings to ensure that energy contract renewals will finally get easier for microbusinesses. See the full factsheet here. Long have we been baffled by Ofgem’s confusing definitions of microbusinesses and the different rules they abide by. Just to clarify, your company is a micro business if it: […]

CMA to publish investigation in full

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has overturned its decision to hold back the results of its investigation into Ofgem’s network price controls in a bid to keep the public informed of all factors affecting energy prices. The CMA quickly backtracked after a warning from former Energy and Climate Change Committee chair Tim Yeo with […]

Off-peak business electricity will be cheaper say Ofgem

With the impending arrival of P272 and P322 legislation, businesses of a certain profile will be required to install a half hourly meter. For more on this, have a look at our article on P322 and P272. While contract fees for maintenance and data collection may be a chore, it will give your business some real insight […]