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Business Juice Introduce Energy Guides for Companies

Business Juice is a specialist energy broker, helping companies to save thousands of pounds on electricity and gas bills. Their comprehensive series of Energy Guides has been introduced to help companies understand the market and to demystify the process of switching gas and electricity.

As a leading UK energy broker, Business Juice work closely with companies of all shapes and sizes, helping them to beat rising energy prices by switching their gas and/or electricity to new, cheaper contracts.

Yet despite the opportunity to save as much as £66k on gas and electricity (based on an average large company switching with Business Juice) many companies still struggle to understand the energy market, their gas and electricity contracts, pricing and how to switch. The result is that the majority simply renew with the same provider.

In fact research by the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) showed that 64% of small businesses had never switched supplier and 70% found it difficult to compare tariffs.

Now Business Juice has introduced a comprehensive selection of over 40 Business Energy Guides, to help businesses make sense of their utility bills and give them the knowledge and understanding they need to confidently make the right decision about their energy supply.

The Business Energy Guides cover everything from day to day energy saving tips to green and renewable energy, with invaluable advice on issues such as smart meters and working from home. Several guides are available to help explain the pricing issues within the energy market and the inherent volatility of gas and electricity costs which can directly affect businesses’ profitability. The guides also cover tricky industry issues such as understanding the issue of rollover and business energy contracts, deemed & out of contract rates and credit scores.

The most popular Energy Guide in May 2014 is dedicated to the controversial issue of back billing, a policy which allows energy suppliers to send a bill to account for previous mistakes in calculation, which can cost businesses tens of thousands of pounds over a few years.

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explained:

“Our team of Energy Advisors speak daily to UK businesses of all shapes and sizes and have learned first-hand just how confusing and overwhelming they find the issue of energy contracts; yet the potential savings are sizeable. Our average business has saved nearly £10k a year on gas and electricity, while larger companies can save considerably more.”

“The lack of clear information available in the commercial energy market is staggering, given the public awareness of the benefits of switching domestic electricity. Our selection of Energy Guides has been written and published especially to help businesses to inform themselves about the key issues so that they can make the right decision for their energy supply arrangements.”

“Our team of energy advisors are available to help too. We offer a free review of energy arrangements including any particular issues the business is encountering and will then offer a no-obligation quote, based on a wide and varied selection of UK energy suppliers, including all the ‘Big 6’ as well as smaller independent companies and green energy specialists. This provides the best possible choice for our clients.”

The suite of 42 Business Juice Energy Guides is available to browse on their comprehensive website, which has been written to assist businesses in their decision-making with reliable and honest information about the market. It is regularly updated with industry news, hosts information about the top energy suppliers and has a series of useful energy guides, covering matters from moving premises to smart meters, renewable energy to working from home.

Since 2009, 200,000 UK businesses have used Business Juice’s energy switching services for reviewing energy contracts and 2 billion kWh of energy has been sold, delivering savings in excess of £64 million a year. Originally part of the Forward Internet group, which also owned uSwitch, Business Juice was subject to a management buyout in 2014, led by CEO James Constant.

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