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Business Juice Introduce Online Calculators for Electricity and Gas Price Increases

businessCorporate energy broker, Business Juice, is committed to helping companies save on their energy bills by getting them the best rates with contractual arrangements that suit their needs. Key to this is their strategy of open communication, helping clients to understand the energy market as well as the opportunity to save on their bills.

Now Business Juice has launched the first in a series of ‘Energy Calculators’ so that companies can see just how much electricity prices have risen in their region since they entered their latest contract. The online device is designed to help businesses understand the scale of recent price increases in their area. From this which they can calculate the potential saving by switching to an alternative supplier and prioritise changing contracts when there is the opportunity to do so.

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explained:

“Understanding the complex and volatile utilities market and making the right buying decisions can be a real headache for businesses; so choosing gas and electricity contracts is very often neglected.”

“Yet prices across the UK have risen sharply in the last few years and with diminishing natural resources, are likely to continue to do so. Our statistics show that a large business customer could save a massive 58% on their annual gas and electricity bill by switching suppliers which equates to £67k a year.”

“Our online calculators are designed to help clients understand the scale of recent price increases in their area, which will help them to decide whether or not to pursue a switch of supplier.”

The “Business Electricity Unit Rate Calculator” is the first of 3 to be launched and will shortly be followed by a version for users of Business Gas and a combined Electricity and Gas Calculator. The handy website tool allows clients to choose the date of last contract and region to see the percentage increase that they can expect to have seen in their energy costs. With increases of up to 17.3%, the tool illustrates the potential value of finding an alternative supplier to reduce costs.

The Energy Unit Rate Calculators are the latest in Business Juice’s series of practical and informative ‘Energy Guides’.

The website now has 65 useful and informative guides, providing free information to explain the intricacies of business energy. Topics include bills, switching, meters, pricing, the market, green energy, contracts and a breakdown of all the major UK energy suppliers.

Business Juice is an independent energy broker which saves companies over £64m a year by helping them to get the best tariffs and rates on gas and electricity.

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, continued:

“In such a complicated industry, we believe in open communication which empowers clients to make the right decisions. Since our website was re-launched, our comprehensive Energy Guides have been extremely well received by those researching business energy, as well as others in the industry.”

“Energy is one of the biggest variable costs facing businesses in the UK and most companies have an opportunity to save on their bills. It can appear confusing, but we are committed to making the process easier and simpler, something to which our clients would testify.”

Business Juice offers a free quotation for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from start-ups and SMEs to companies with multiple locations. They offer a team of expert Energy Advisors who can review the current energy supply and recommend the most appropriate alternatives without any obligation. They make the process of switching as easy as possible with a minimum of paperwork.

Since 2009, 200,000 UK businesses have used Business Juice’s energy switching services for reviewing energy contracts and 2 billion kWh of energy has been sold, delivering savings in excess of £64 million a year. Originally part of the Forward Internet group, which also owned uSwitch, Business Juice was subject to a management buyout in 2014, led by CEO James Constant.

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