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New Infographic to Explain the Business Electricity Contracts

business electricity contract infographic smallUK Energy Broker Business Juice is committed to helping its clients save money by making business electricity easy to understand with clear and open communication. Now the company has created an eye-catching infographic, to help explain the potentially complex process of changing contracts.

The business electricity market and company contracts can be complex matters. Now specialist energy broker Business Juice has produced an eye-catching infographic to explain the vagaries of the corporate electricity market. The infographic has been designed to illustrate the complexity of electricity contracts for companies, explaining the potential issues involved in changing supplier.

Although the process should be achievable within a day or two, but the realities of the market mean that it can be frustrating and difficult in practice for those that do not have the knowledge or support to manage the change.

Key issues are the limitations posed by a 28-day ‘registration window’ period together with the risk of a contract being rejected by the industry for incorrect data provision or objected to by the outgoing supplier.

However, the potential gains for companies switching electricity supplier can be considerable. Business Juice’s average company saves over 60% on their electricity bill. For the average ‘small’ company, this equates to a saving of nearly £3k while large companies can save an average £45k and in some cases significantly more. James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explains:

“Our infographic has been created to help explain the process and potential pitfalls for business clients looking to change their electricity supplier, as it is a matter somewhat shrouded in mystery at the moment.” “Changing electricity supplier for businesses is certainly less straightforward than for domestic consumers. However, this shouldn’t put anybody off. The rising prices of utilities can be one of the major variable costs for UK companies and many pay far more than they need to.”

Business Juice are campaigning for improvements within the market, but until then, their team of energy advisors are highly trained and able to not only identify the best contract for a business’s needs, but also to handle the transition on behalf of their client.

The company’s stated mission is to make the whole process efficient and easy for clients who are changing contract.

The process is managed by Business Juice’s experienced Energy Advisors who fully understand the issues involved and endeavour to make switching electricity as smooth as possible.

Paperwork for the client is kept to an absolute minimum by use of pre-written letters of authority, allowing Business Juice to handle the transaction on behalf of their clients.

UK Energy Broker Business Juice is committed to helping its clients save money by making business electricity easy to understand with clear and open communication. The company has shown considerable commitment to publishing useful and reliable information to help companies better understand the business gas and electricity markets, making them less confusing for its clientele through comprehensive communication. Their website now hosts a comprehensive selection of over 70 Business Energy Guides on a wide variety of topics.

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