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July 2014: Another Increase in Energy Company Complaints

calendar monthly complaintsAnother month, another increase in energy company complaints…

June 2014 was heralded as a nadir for the energy industry with 4,178 complaints lodged with the Energy Ombudsman, the final arbiter in customer energy disputes unresolved after 8 weeks.

Yet July 2014 was seen a further near 25% surge in complaints to 5,193, a nigh on 3 times increase on July 2013 and the fourth month in a row that complaint levels have risen.

86% of complaints are focussed on billing with almost 10% being for problems related to switching energy supplier

As has now become the norm, nPower again had the worst record for complaints in July just ahead of its August 2014 deadline by Ofgem to shape up or lose it’s licence to acquire new customers.



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