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ENERGY UK Angela Knight to Step Down

energy uk logoAnnouncement for Year End

In a surprise announcement at a critical time for the energy industry and with the suppliers she represents under unprecedented political and social pressure, Energy UK have announced that Chief Executive Angela Knight will step down at the end of 2014.


Knight has led Energy UK since May 2012 having joined from a similar role at the British Bankers Association (BBA).


Knight’s last two roles have seen her representing some of the most toxic industries in modern economic history and she was seen, and proved to be, a safe pair of hands for the energy industry as pressure began to build.


Addressing her time with Energy UK, Knight said:


“It has been a great two years bringing Energy UK together to support and represent at such an important time, this industry that is so vital to the country.


“Building new, cleaner and greener electricity generators and making the other changes necessary to meet national and international targets inevitably adds to customers’ bills. At the same time, consumers expect a first class service from the industry, a secure energy supply and one which is affordable.


“I will be handing over a strong organisation capable of the task”.


Whilst Knight is leaving her post to “develop further a non-executive portfolio career” it is unclear what the future holds for Energy UK. Whilst Knight will leave capable deputies behind the sheer focus and pressure of the next 18 months would have tested even the political talents of Angela Knight.


The energy industry will be a less entertaining place without her, thanks for the memories Angela.


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