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Energy UK launch Energy Manifesto

energy ukEnergy UK the energy suppliers’ trade body has called for “clear and stable” energy policies from whomever forms the next government.

Under their ‘energy manifesto’ Energy UK have highlighted the at times contrary focus of the various government departments, including DECC, the Environment Agency and the Department for Communities and Local Government who they claim:

“Can make decisions separately from others, sometimes with disturbing consequences that can sometimes impact adversely on the energy policy being pursued”.

Hardly a recipe for coherent, effective policy.

Amongst Energy UK’s manifesto requirements are:

  • A “clear and stable energy policy”
  • A ‘”coherent, rational and coordinated approach to regulation”
  • Each government body with an influence over energy and energy policy to be linked at a senior level
  • A “clear separation of function and powers with clarity regarding the role that each of these organisations plays in the market” between DECC, Ofgem, the CMA, and the FCA.
  • Reaching out to accommodate a political consensus on energy policy to facilitate long term planning and deliver as “legislation and regulation lacks the necessary stability required for investors in high cost and long term projects.”
  • Independent auditing of policy costs both in advance of and during implementation
  • All party commitment to the acceptance of the findings of the CMA review – including Ofgem.

Announcing the manifesto, Energy UK chief executive Lawrence Slade said:

“We are committed to delivering for consumers and business alike, ensuring energy is affordable and available, in an environmentally sustainable manner.

“Customers are always at the heart of what we do – we want to improve our services and help them control the energy they need.

“However, we cannot do this alone; we need the backing of government by way of policies and regulations.”

It would be a difficult task to argue with the overwhelmingly sensible and coherent proposal from Energy UK, indeed the trade body is on strong ground right now with the initial findings of the CMA giving a clean bill of health to the energy suppliers. Perhaps then it is Ofgem and the government bodies themselves that will find a manifesto of change marked urgent and laying on their desks post May’s general election.