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Big Six breathe a sigh of relief over CMA findings

CMA logoThe Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) were tasked with looking into the structure of the Big Six energy suppliers amid fears they had a monopoly over the energy market.

Calls were being made to potentially separate retail and business arms in each of the companies as it was felt they may have been taking advantage of consumers.

Great news then for the Big Six as initial findings reported that there will be no call for a breakup.

Citigroup analysts have backed this up, saying:

“Since the release of CMA’s issues statement, we believe market concerns for a possible break up have diminished to near zero. Of bigger interest in our opinion is any remedies imposed on the number, level and flexibility of tariffs and the discrepancies in profitability between customers that have never switched and those which have shopped around.”

So no radical overhaul planned for our largest suppliers but the pressure is still on to keep energy prices low and competitive.