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Gas distribution charges to decrease over next six years

ofgem logoGreat news for consumers as Ofgem has predicted a 5.5% drop in gas distribution charges by 2021 bringing average payments down from £141 to £133.

Ofgem reported that gas distribution companies had so far “outperformed” their allowances under RIIO-GD1, by carrying out services for lower than the price control allowed. They will therefore be in pocket and some of the savings will be passed on to customers as well.

With distribution charges currently making up 16% of energy prices, it’s another step in the right direction to tackling the cost of power now suppliers are reducing costs their end as well.

It seems the customers are already happier with customer complaints dropping over the gas networks.

So we’ve tackled supplier pricing and now distribution costs. Can we get the government to reduce energy taxes and levies now?