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Infographic Promotes Merits of Switching Business Energy Supplier

Business Juice has developed an eye-catching infographic to explain and promote the merits of switching business energy supplier. The average company could save 23% on their bills yet over 40% of businesses have not switched in over 5 years.

Should I Switch my Business Energy?

The infographic neatly and clearly displays the key information relating to energy switching for businesses in the UK.

Business Juice CEO James Constant explains:

“We call it the £64 million question – deciding whether or not to switch business energy supplier.”

“The fact is that the savings can be considerable. The average company can save 23% on their energy costs. Whatever the size of business, this is a sizeable amount. For large industrial companies, savings can easily run into tens of thousands.”

“At Business Juice, we delivered contract savings totalling over £64 million for our clients last year, simply by arranging better value tariffs and terms. Yet over 40% of businesses haven’t changed their energy supplier in 5 years or more, so there is so much more opportunity for greater savings which lower business overheads and add straight onto the bottom line.”

“Over 200,000 UK businesses have used our energy switching services for reviewing energy contracts since 2009 with a service which costs the client nothing at all.”

Constant continues:

“The secret to our success is our genuine desire to provide the best professional advice. We spend time understanding each company’s requirements in terms of their contractual commitment and attitudes to fixed/flexible contracts as well as energy usage and then get quotes from the most suitable energy suppliers. It isn’t just about price – we also advise on the most appropriate type of contract for each client. 7 out of 10 opt for a multi-year contract, but this isn’t right for everyone. We work with around 30 different energy suppliers to get the best all round deal to suit every aspect of a company’s energy needs, budget and contract requirements.”

Business Juice’s team of Energy Experts offer a free quotation service for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from the smallest work-from-home start-ups and SMEs to major companies with multi-site energy usage.


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