FiT changes hinder community energy projects

Energy secretary Amber Rudd admits that Feed-in Tariff (FiT) changes could have a negative impact on the development of community energy projects. However she defended her decision by reiterating the importance of safeguarding spend under the FiT scheme. Not all is lost though as she offered community projects hope of potential assistance when she added: […]

UK government blasted over renewables cuts by Al Gore

Former US vice president Al Gore has been left “puzzled” by the recent cuts to renewables subsidies by the UK government. In their short time in power, the Renewables Obligation scheme has been scrapped, subsidies for wind farms and solar projects have prematurely ended, cut Climate Change Levy (CCL) exemptions and the Feed-in Tariff scheme […]

Investment in UK renewables falls dramatically

The recent cuts to renewables subsidies and green schemes, has dramatically affected the number of investors in the UK renewables market. A worrying time to be losing investment as EU carbon targets loom in the distance and the government seems to be more focused on fracking than wind and solar energy. EY energy corporate finance […]

Tories debate over renewables and energy policies

After public concern after cuts to renewable energy subsidies, the Tories gathered to discuss energy policies at a conference fringe meeting. Conservative MP for the Wells constituency and member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, James Heappey cautioned: “Certainly we should not be making an enemy of the renewables sector.” He was responding to […]

Corbyn appoints experienced shadow energy ministers

Jeremy Corbyn has been busy since he was elected Labour leader by creating a six strong team for shadow Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) made up of the most experienced ministers. Energy and climate change committee (ECCC) member Alan Whitehead has been named, as well as former shadow water minister Barry Gardiner. Both […]

CEO of Renewable UK announces resignation

Maria McCaffery, chief executive of Renewable UK has announced that she will step down from her role in spring next year. Her successor will be recruited in the coming weeks. We’d be interested to know if the new government and its attitude towards renewable energy development has been a deciding factor for McCaffery. Maria said […]

Blackout Warnings from Ofgem

With power plants being shut down left, right and centre, fears over potential blackouts increase. As the government focus on hitting new carbon targets and new environmental legislation, coal, nuclear and gas plants are being closed and dismantled with devastating effects on the UK power supply. Even with an increased push for demand-side response and […]

Clean energy means rising bills for consumers

It’s not good news for consumers with energy bills set to rise due to failing renewable energy schemes. Under the previous coalition government, consumers and businesses were encouraged to produce renewable energy and guaranteed a subsidy for doing so. The subsidies were paid for by a “levy” on household energy bills, which was meant to […]