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Corbyn appoints experienced shadow energy ministers

Jeremy Corbyn has been busy since he was elected Labour leader by creating a six strong team for shadow Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) made up of the most experienced ministers.

Energy and climate change committee (ECCC) member Alan Whitehead has been named, as well as former shadow water minister Barry Gardiner. Both have considerable experience in the energy sector with Gardiner also having served on the ECCC previously.

Whitehead will prove an invaluable asset with his influence at the ECCC and he has been a vocal critic of the Tory’s assault on renewables since May’s general election.

It seems Corbyn is putting his best assets on the team ensuring a strong force to reconcile current energy issues including the diminishing budget for renewable energy subsidies.

Also joining his team are MP Clive Lewis, Baroness Worthington and Lord Grantchester – the calvary for under-experienced shadow energy secretary Lisa Nandy, no doubt.

A huge team with the current DECC only having three members but Corbyn has big plans. Aside from his highly publicised pipedream of renationalising the energy sector, he has also pledged to scrap the capacity market, to oppose new nuclear and fracking, and to support community energy schemes.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that these are all directly conflicting proposals to those of the government. Will this encourage the Tories to focus more on renewables to gain public favour?

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