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Business Juice Announce New Basket Deals to Save Companies Money on Electricity and Gas

The rising prices of utilities can be one of the major variable costs for UK companies and many pay far more than they need to. Business Juice has introduced new ‘Basket Deals’ to save businesses money on electricity and gas bills.

Corporate energy broker, Business Juice, saves companies over £64m a year by helping them to get the best tariffs and rates on gas and electricity. Energy is one of the biggest variable costs facing businesses in the UK; yet research shows that the majority of companies remain unaware of the benefits of switching supplier or cautious about switching, with many saying that they find the process of comparison confusing.

The concept of moving supplier is even more daunting for those with multiple energy meters or multiple sites, who might find that they have numerous deals to renew each year.

Now Business Juice has launched a brand new concept in energy. Their “Energy Basket Deals” are designed to make the whole process of managing energy contracts as fuss-free as possible. The Basket Deals simplify the whole process of gas and electricity contracts, by offering uniform pricing across all meters for each energy type and consolidating the contract end dates.

However, the Basket Deal concept is also about providing the best possible value for companies, so there is still the flexibility to choose different suppliers for electricity and gas. Business Juice negotiate the best deals with major UK energy suppliers such as British Gas Business, SSE and E.ON. Contract length options vary from 6 to 48 months and meters and sites can be added or removed on the same terms, allowing for the business to expand or consolidate without the need to worry about the impact on utility arrangements.

Business Juice have created 2 levels of basket deal. Option 1, the “Dedicated Basket” is designed for single customers with large consumption (i.e. on multiple half hourly electricity meters or gas meters over 500,000kWh) over several sites. Option 2, the “Patchwork Basket” caters for multiple smaller customers and their single or multiple meter energy portfolios; enabling them to take advantage of bulk buying within a larger group.

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explained:

“Our Basket Deals are a simple concept, designed to help customers manage their gas and electricity as easily as possible with a single contract, a single renewal date and a single point of contact, no matter how many sites or meters they have.”

“The benefit for larger companies is immense, yet smaller companies can also take advantage by joining the “Patchwork Basket” which consolidates our negotiating power by combining smaller customers, enabling us to get them excellent deals.”

“We are already seeing excellent results and feedback from this approach – for one client we have beaten the market average for two large gas sites, bringing in common end dates as well as a considerable cost saving.”

“Our feedback from the industry has also been positive, with major suppliers welcoming the simplicity of the scheme.”

Business Juice is dedicated to helping businesses to get a better deal on their companies’ electricity and gas supply. Their statistics show that a large business customer could save a massive 58% on their annual gas and electricity bill by switching suppliers which equates to £67k a year.

The Company is determined to assist businesses in their information-gathering and decision-making. Their comprehensive selection of over 40 Business Energy Guides has been produced to help businesses make sense of their utility bills and give them the knowledge and understanding they need to confidently make the right decision about their energy supply.

Business Juice offers a free quotation for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from start-ups and SMEs to companies with multiple locations. They offer a team of expert Energy Advisors who can review the current energy supply and recommend the most appropriate alternatives.

Since 2009, 200,000 UK businesses have used Business Juice’s energy switching services for reviewing energy contracts and 2 billion kWh of energy has been sold, delivering savings in excess of £64 million a year. Originally part of the Forward Internet group, which also owned uSwitch, Business Juice was subject to a management buyout in 2014, led by CEO James Constant.

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