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No Surprises in Latest Big 6 Complaint Statistics

The latest complaint statistics for the Big 6 energy suppliers continues its tale of woe.big 6 energy

Whilst nPower remained rooted to the bottom of the table with 648 complaints per 100,000 customers, this was actually a reduction from 665 in the first quarter of 2014. Still though this represents a huge figure, nearly three times the level of its nearest ‘rival’.

That second place went to Scottish Power whose complaint levels rocketed to 256 per 100,000 up from 46 just 12 months previously.

Scottish Power cautioned that their travails were the result of implementing a new “customer system” and that resolution would be seen shortly with a spokesperson saying:

“The transition has been challenging [but] we will also continue to have the longest call centre opening hours in the industry, and we are committed to restoring our customer service levels to the highest possible standards.”

At the opposite end of the table, SSE again proved themselves to be the subject of the least number of complaints at 34 per 100,000, ahead of E.ON (80), British Gas (81) and EDF Energy (83).