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New rules from Ofgem cause confusing bills

After the spotlight was shone on energy bills a few months ago with regard to their confusing nature, Ofgem put new billing rules into place in April.

However, far from making the bills more consumer friendly, energy supplier SSE claim that the new layout has succeeded only in confusing customers further.

They reported to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that they should have the opportunity to present information themselves being in a better position to listen to customers.

While Ofgem had the customers best interests at heart by trying to enforce that suppliers inform them of cheaper tariffs, consumers were just confused by the torrents of information.

While SSE said agrees with Ofgem that “customers should be provided with clear and simple information that would allow them to make informed decisions”, it said that current regulations were resulting in “cluttered bills that consumers found difficult to understand.”

SSE says that regulation’s role should instead be to set the minimum amount of information that should be included, and leave the design of the bill to each supplier.

Just another blow to Ofgem after they were made to scrap their SMI due to claims it was inaccurate.