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Big 6 Electricity Market Domination Continues

big 6 energy companiesThe latest Business energy supplier market share survey, compiled on a quarterly basis by industry consultant Cornwall Energy, has revealed the stark contrast between the competitive landscapes in the gas and electricity markets.

The Big 6 still, 20 years after the opening of competition account for nearly 80% of the business electricity market with the Big 6 taking 5 of the top six places in terms of volumetric market share.

In contrast the gas market sees far less Big 6 dominance with just 20% of business gas customers being supplied by the Big 6 and British Gas Business the highest placed in 5th position.

The corollary of this of course is the ‘success’ of independent, smaller and new entrant suppliers in the gas market with Total Gas & Power, Gazprom Energy and DONG Energy Sales taking the top 3 slots and supplying over 42% of the gas market’s volume.

In comparison the highest placed ‘independent’ suppliers in the electricity market are GDF Suez and Haven Power, both of whom manage to rank above the final Big 6 supplier Scottish Power.

The business electricity market

Supplier Market Share
EDF Energy 20.4%
nPower 18.0%
E.ON 15.9%
SSE 12.2%
British Gas Business 9.1%
GDF Suez 4.7%
Haven Power 4.6%
Scottish Power 4.0%
Total Gas & Power 2.8%
Other Suppliers 2.7%
SmartestEnergy 2.7%
Opus Energy 1.9%
Gazprom Energy 1.0%


The business gas market

Supplier Market Share
Total Gas & Power 17.6%
Gazprom Energy 12.8%
DONG Energy Sales 11.8%
Corona Energy 11.0%
British Gas Business 9.6%
Statoil 8.0%
E.ON 7.2%
ENI 6.7%
GDF Suez 6.2%
SSE 2.1%
Wingas 2.0%
Other Suppliers 1.8%
nPower 1.5%
CNG 1.0%
Opus Energy 0.30%
Scottish Power 0.10%