Saving Companies An Average 60% On Business Energy

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes. Our tailored services mean you get the help you want to save money on electricity and gas for your business.

Why should I use Business Juice?

Business Juice is a business energy broker – we’re here to make getting a better deal on electricity and gas faster and easier. We work with businesses of all sizes and from all industries; whether you’re a startup or have a chain of businesses, we can help you make sense of the market and get the right deal.

We’re 100% business, all the time – we’re completely focused on businesses and their needs, with no distractions.

We don’t mess around – we know you’re busy, so we’ll get to the point and be upfront and honest with you.

We turn a negative into a positive – yes, business energy is a bit boring, but by letting us take care of it for you, at least it’s fast and straightforward and you get a good deal.

We’ll make the market better – we’ll campaign for changes to the business energy market, so that businesses like yours get a fairer deal.

Gas & Electricity Broker Services for Companies of Every Size

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Top Business Energy Deals

Our top business energy deals – save thousands on company gas and electricity costs.

Business Juice’s Renewal Price Guarantee

“We guarantee to beat your business energy renewal price, if we can’t we’ll double the difference!”

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Send us your renewal letter
  2. We compare top UK suppliers to find your optimum deal
  3. If we can’t beat your renewal offer we’ll pay you double the difference

More information on our top energy deals

Contact us now to find out how your business could benefit – call free on 0800 051 5770.

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A very insightful website and I always feel like I have come away learning something. What’s the most interesting for me is that Business Juice seem to come from the other point of view compared to what’s normally reported in the news.

- Rob, Basingstoke
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