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Fuel Mix Comparison Tables

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greenest of them all…

Use our handy tables to understand at a glance how your supplier rates for fuel mix and who fairs best.

Please note: the fuel mix disclosure period is 2013/14 unless otherwise stated

The Fuel Mix Disclosure Table

Average Industry Mix25.6%34.0%21.6%16.7%2.1%37.7%16.7%
British Gas Business31.0%22.0%31.0%15.0%3.0%46.0%15.0%
Dual Energy*27.7%38.4%20.6%11.3%2.0%31.9%11.3%
EDF Energy3.5%26.8%56.1%13.5%0.1%69.6%13.5%
Extra EnergyNot yet eligible for reporting
First Utility27.1%46.8%8.4%11.9%5.8%20.3%11.9%
Gazprom Energy22.1%12.8%4.0%58.4%2.7%62.4%58.4%
GDF Suez33.0%38.0%2.0%26.0%1.0%28.0%26.0%
Good Energy0.0%0.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%100.0%100.0%
Haven Power20.0%34.0%6.0%36.0%4.0%42.0%36.0%
Hudson EnergyCurrently unreported
LoCO2 Energy54.0%0.0%0.0%46.0%4.0%50.0%46.0%
Opus Energy3.0%5.0%0.6%91.0%0.4%91.6%%91.0%
Ovo Energy22.7%39.3%7.0%26.1%4.9%33.1%26.1%
Scottish Power32.6%48.6%1.1%16.9%0.8%18.0%16.9%
Total Gas & Power18.0%31.0%5.0%42.0%4.0%47.0%42.0%
Yu EnergyNot yet eligible for reporting

The Best Low Carbon Mix Table

Good Energy tops the Low Carbon Mix table by virtue of its 100% renewable energy sources.

Second place falls to Opus Energy at 91.6%, with just 0.6% of that total from low carbon nuclear sources.

Green supplier advocate Ecotricity sits in 3rd place at 87.8% with again the vast majority (86.5%) coming from renewable sources.

At the other end of the table the Big 6 energy suppliers Scottish Power and nPower fare worst with just 18% and 17% of their electricity supplies coming from low carbon sources.

SupplierLow Carbon Mix
Good Energy100.0%
Opus Energy91.6%
EDF Energy69.6%
Gazprom Energy62.4%
LoCO2 Energy50.0%
Total Gas & Power47.0%
British Gas Business46.0%
Haven Power42.0%
Average Industry Mix37.7%
Dual Energy31.9%
Ovo Energy33.1%
GDF Suez28.0%
First Utility20.3%
Scottish Power18.0%

The Best Renewable Mix Table

Good Energy tops the Renewable Mix table by virtue of 100% of its fuel mix coming from renewable sources.

In second place Opus Energy deliver 91% of its fuel mix from renewable generation, whilst Ecotricity follows up with 86.5% of the energy they provide coming from renewable sources.

Honourable mention goes to Gazprom Energy who now provide 58.4% of their energy from renewable sources.

The highest place Big 6 supplier is E.ON with 31.2% of their fuel mix being sourced from renewable generation.

By contrast the worst performing Big 6 supplier is EDF Energy with just 13.5% of their fuel mix being sourced from renewable plant.

SupplierRenewable Mix
Good Energy100.0%
Opus Energy91.0%
Gazprom Energy58.4%
LoCO2 Energy46.0%
Total Gas & Power42.0%
Haven Power36.0%
Ovo Energy26.1%
GDF Suez26.0%
Scottish Power16.9%
Average Industry Mix16.7%
British Gas Business15.0%
EDF Energy13.5%
First Utility11.9%
Dual Energy11.3%

The Dirty Dozen – The Highest Coal Mix Table

The two Scottish Big 6 suppliers, Scottish Power and SSE plus First Utility have the highest proportion of coal in their fuel mix whilst the lowest concentration of coal can be found with independent supplier Opus Energy, LoCO2 Energy and Good Energy.

The Big 6 energy supplier with the lowest concentration of coal in their fuel mix is British Gas Business at 22.0% of supply.

Scottish Power48.6%
First Utility46.8%
Ovo Energy39.3%
Dual Energy38.4%
GDF Suez38.0%
Haven Power34.0%
Average Industry Mix34.0%
Total Gas & Power31.0%
EDF Energy26.8%
British Gas Business22.0%
Gazprom Energy12.8%
Opus Energy5.0%
LoCO2 Energy0.0%
Good Energy0.0%

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